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There are many permissible uses for monitoring computer activity. It may be monitoring your children’s or employee’s internet activity, or detecting unauthorized access of your PC.

Parents have the legal right to monitor the computer activities of their children. Many parents are concerned about who their children are talking to online. Sexual predators find it much more comfortable to hang out in chat rooms than in front of the local school.
Employees on the internet waste countless hours. Keystroke recorders are an effective tool for ensuring worker productivity and accountability.

Computer monitoring tools can be groped into the folowing categories:

Computer Monitoring Software.
Computer Monitoring Devices. (Hardware).
Keystroke Recorders Software.
Keystroke Loggers Devices. (Hardware).
Anti-spy / anti-virus programs. (defeat software keystroke recorders).
Erasers (erase evidence of visited web sites, e-mails, etc).

Similary cell phone monitoring tools also grooped in to:
Cell Phone Monitoring Software
Cell Phone Monitoring Devices
Mobile Security Software
Mobile Security Devices

Stealth iBot Computer Spy

While a traditional keylogger need to always remain plugged into the computer, the Stealth iBot Computer Spy™ is never left behind. Unlike a standard keylogger, this computer surveillance tool works on both laptops and desktop Windows PCs. With a fast 5 second download, this computer spying tool will monitor keystrokes, take screenshots at regular intervals, and capture up to 1GB of data. While 1GB doesn’t sound like a lot, think of it this way, The Stealth iBot Computer Spy™ computer surveillance unit can record up to 10,000 screenshots and a virtually infinite amount of text data. Furthermore, the data is locally stored and strongly encrypted with a unique key for each device. Your important data has never been more secure.

Record Everything: Capture Keystrokes, Remember Websites Visited, And Capture Screen Shots w/o Hardware.
The instant the Stealth iBot Computer Spy is plugged into your computer, its patented data monitoring technology captures every keystroke, website visited, and screen shot completely covertly without hardware. Plug it into your USB port, complete a fast 5-second installation, remove the Stealth iBot Computer Spy™, and walk away. There is no need to keep the hardware plugged into your computer to capture every action.


Stealth iBot Computer Monitoring Device

Insert In USB, And Install in Under 10 Seconds to Monitor All Computer Activity On All User Accounts without Tell-Tale Hardware Left Behind

  • Covertly Record Everything A Person Does On A Computer
  • Install in as little as little as 5 seconds: Unlike a traditional keylogger – No Hardware Left Behind
  • Undetectable By Most Anti-Spyware Applications
  • Store Up to 10,000 Screenshots & Virtually Unlimited Text
  • Total Surveillance – Record All Computer Activity – Even On Other User Accounts
  • Works With Any Windows Computer Including Laptops

Access Files Blocked by Password Protection
Even if a user’s activities are password protected, you can easily access exactly what they’re doing with the Stealth iBot Computer Spy. The computer spy quickly bypasses any password protected section of your computer and logs exactly what people are doing on your computer–even if they think they’re protected by a password. Please note – this is only to be used on a computer that you own.

Keykatcher Keystroke Logger

Plug and Play installation – start recording in a flash
2Mb Memory allows up to six months keystroke-recording under normal use
Time and date stamping, which can be admitted for legal use
Device can be unplugged for keystroke retrieval on another computer
Compact and discreet device does not use any system resources
No new software to install; no drivers require.

Simply attach the Keystroke Recorder PS2 between your computer and keyboard. The device will start recording typed keystrokes in its flash memory and retains keystroke records even if it is unplugged. As a portable keystroke recording technology, the recorder PS2 can be removed and reconnected to any PC; giving you full access to typed keystroke records.


Porn Detector Stick

Advanced Tool Finds Pornographic Images On Your Computer – Even If They’re Deleted
The Porn Detector iBot™ is the ultimate computer forensic tool thanks to its advanced image analyzing algorithms that locate any potentially pornographic images on your computer. To track internet activity and monitor porn usage simply plug the Porn Detector iBot™ into your computer’s USB port and let the device go to work by identifying images by facial features, flesh tone colors, image backgrounds, body part shapes, and more. The device will monitor porn usage and track internet activity to locate pornographic images with up to 99% accuracy–even if the images were deleted. After you’ve searched your computer for pornographic images, the device lets you wipe your computer clean of any illicit images. Once you unplug the USB stick, it will leave no clues or traces that you’ve ever searched the computer.

Analyzes your computer for pornographic images with 99% accuracy
Locates deleted images
Searches through any media drive or portable device
Leaves no traces behind after a search
Portable design lets you take the Porn Detector iBot™ with you anywhere
*The Porn Detector iBot™ is not compatible with Mac computers

USB Keystroke Logger

The USB Keystroke logger has an advantage over software keystroke loggers as it can begin recording keystrokes from the moment a computer is turned on giving it the ability to intercept passwords. The Keystroke logger interprets the information flow between your keyboard and computer, processes it, and passes it to the USB flash memory, which stores keystroke records and retains this information even when power is lost. The USB logger’s 2Mb on-board memory can be accessed via a password protected menu system that will pull up keystroke recordings, allowing you to carefully review your target’s activities.

The Keystroke Logger USB will not interfere with any program running on the target computer and cannot be detected by any software. The Keystroke Logger is designed to blend in with the rest of the computer’s hardware and cables and is virtually undetectable to the untrained eye.