FlexiSPY Unique Monitoring Software For Mobiles & Computers


Features Ratings

flexispy mobile monitoring software review


  • Reporting And Logging 85%
  • GPS Location Tracking 90%
  • Blocking Websites or Applications 0%
  • Support 85%
  • Parental Control 20%
  • Remote Control 90%
  • Multi OS Support 70%
  • Monitor Internet Use 35%
  • Value To Price Ratio 45%

App Review

Flexispy – expensive? yes.
but maybe worth the price.

Flexispy is exceptional in the mobile spying market available today. on one hand it comes with unique features like Live call interception, Live call recording, Listening to the phone’s surroundings and remotely taking pictures with the phone’s camera. on the other hand it is lacking many of the “basic features” equipped with most of the leading mobile monitoring apps like blocking visited website, blocked phone numbers and contacts, or allowed software usage.
And then there is the cost of this app which is on the high end of the spy app market.
If you are a parent or employer looking for a way of complete hidden monitoring your kid or employee cell phone activity, including ambient cell phone (room) recording, sms tracking, live call interception, gps location tracking, and app usage monitoring you’ll find flexispy to be exceptional in its feature richness and coverage.

If you are looking for an app geared more for the basic features of spying app with active intervention into the phone usage of your kid or employee, you’ll find less expansive alternatives.

Alonzo D'angelo

tech product reviewer


Software Pros & Cons


Recording ambient sound through the phone’s built-in microphone.

Live Call Intercept with 3-way calling capable phones.

Keylogger - logs every keystroke entered.

Long list of supported languages.

Software license is also transferable - Use the same license when you upgrade or change between android and ios devices.


You have to jailbreak or root the device this app installed on.

Cost more then most of the mobile spy software out there.

Some features of this spy app are legally questionable.

"Password Cracker" (reveals the target phone passwords) requires additional monthly cost.


App Functionality

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