Highster Mobile – Cell Phone Tracking and Monitoring Software


Features Ratings

Highster Mobile is a cell phone monitoring and tracking  software review


  • Reporting And Logging 67%
  • GPS Location Tracking 55%
  • Blocking Calls 82%
  • Support 82%
  • Parental Control 65%
  • Remote Control 85%
  • Multi OS Support 45%
  • Monitor Internet Use 55%
  • Value To Price Ratio 85%

App Review

Why chose mSpy?

mSpy will give you good keylogger options and some decent administration features.
the support team of this company is top notch, you can chose between phone support or premium support.

With basic mobile monitoring and most requested features of any cell monitoring software mSpy is excellent choice. Add to that the reasonably priced product and you get a good package with most if not all features of top mobile spying apps available today in this product.

Andrew Moore

tech product reviewer


Software Pros & Cons


Monitoring all web surfing activities including websites and emails sent.

Browse through all media files, both incoming or outgoing.

Remote control and feature that allows taking control over the programs and applications used on the mobile phone.

Keylogger - snatch all the passwords, instant messaging, email address and search terms.


Limited license permit - one phone per license.

Danger of losing all data when remotely wiping the phone data.

No indication when phone's sim card replaced.

Will monitor iPhone only when it is jail broken.


App Functionality

  •   Package
  •   Publisher Website   
    Jump to publishers website
  •   Multi OS Support   
    The Operating Systems This Software Supports
  •  Monitor Keystrokes  
    Spy on phone calls plus information about phone call logs
  •  Monitor Phone Calls 
    Spy on phone calls plus information about phone call logs
  •   Monitor Emails   
    Spy on your targets emails
  •   Get GPS Location   
    Info regarding phone location plus notification when location changes
  •   Monitor Internet  
    Info regarding websites visited, search terms used, pages liked
  •   Access Address    Book  
    Get accesses to all the contacts in the address book
  •   Access Calendar   
    Get accesses to all info in the calander software within the mobile phone
  •   Monitor Instant   Messages  
    Read all the IM texts and chats supported by the phone
  •   Control Phone   Remotely   
    Chose to install or unistall apps from the phone remotely
  •   Browse Videos /   Photos   
    Get assesses to all media files on target phone
  •   Control Phone   Remotely   
    Control the device remotely, install and uninstall applications, switch off the phone remotely, block access to certain websites and features
  •   Support   
    Software manufacturer online technical support availability